Genova Summer Live

Get ready for two days of great music in the beautiful Genoa's Old Port.


6th July 2024


Infected Rain




more t.b.a.

7th July 2024


Carcass are regarded as pioneers of the grindcore and melodic death metal genre. They are also described as one of the earliest and most important of the new generation of grindcore and death metal bands. Their fourth album, Heartwork, is considered a landmark in the melodic death metal genre.

Infected Rain is a modern metal band that has gained a reputation for their unique and energetic blend of styles, which features female screaming, hard riffs, and electronic sound.

Sadist is one of the most appreciated Italian metal bands in the world and a leading exponent of the progressive death metal genre. Born in Genoa in the early 90s, this band has literally played at the biggest and most prestigious heavy metal festivals. The year 2024 will see not only the vinyl reissue of the legendary debut album "Above The Light", but also the release, via Agonia Records, of the band's tenth studio album.

Fulci is an italian slam/death metal band, formed in 2013. The main themes of the songs are zombies and nightmares inspired by the master of gore Lucio Fulci. The purpose of the band is to play death metal with no compromise, this is why their slogan is: GORE LIFE!!!

Toxic Deathgrind from Italy created by God's malevolence.